Sheffield Working Women’s Opportunities Project

Sheffield Working Women’s Opportunities Project (SWWOP) provides intensive support to anyone involved in sex work in and around Sheffield.

We hold a drop in every weekday 10am till 2pm at our office where clients are welcome all year round.

Our outreach van goes out 5 times a week supporting women on the beat with hot drinks, food, condoms, needle exchange and out of hours advice. Our dedicated team of volunteers provide intensive support come rain or shine, hand warmers or ice lollies.

We have a dedicated Housing Link Worker who is on hand for any housing issues and able to complete homeless assessments.

Our Substance Use Worker is on hand to support with needle exchange, harm reduction advice and a link to Sheffield Substance Services.

We provide food parcels to any client accessing SWWOP.

We have essential toiletries like shampoo, shower gel, deodorant and toothpaste available at all times as well as sanitary products and pants.

We give out condoms and complete STI testing with any client who accesses.

Often clients come to the office in the same or dirty clothes, therefore we offer a change of clothes as well as clean underwear and socks.

Impact report

Impact report
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“Thank you so much SWWOP, I'm living breathing proof that if you want it bad enough you can exit that dangerous lifestyle” K.T.

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A small amount can make a big difference

£1 for a pair of wooly gloves for winter

£4.20 for a bus fare to help a client get to her appointment on tim

£5 would help to buy sandwiches for our outreach sessions

£10 would help buy 40 chocolate bars