Sheffield Working Women’s Opportunities Project

Sheffield Working Women’s Opportunities Project (SWWOP) provides intensive support to vulnerable women involved in street prostitution.


We provide intensive & practical support to a socially isolated and vulnerable group of women involved in street prostitution.

Women involved in street prostitution are likely to suffer physical deprivation – homelessness, lack of food, violence – physical and sexual assaults, illness and injury – drug and alcohol abuse, isolation/ostracisation/social exclusion.

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“Thank you so much SWWOP, I'm living breathing proof that if you want it bad enough you can exit that dangerous lifestyle” K.T.


The Events we've organised make a difference & our van really helps us communicate with the women

9th June 2023
Clothing poverty describes a situation in which someone has very little or nothing to wear on a day to day basis
We are so thankful for Sharewear Clothing Scheme for providing us with clothes monthly so that any woman who comes to the office can get a clean change of clothes.
Sharewear are a clothing charity providing clothing to those who are unable to afford them including vulnerable families and individuals, refugees and those with no recourse to public funding from their centre in Nottingham
21st JUne 2023
This morning our lovely Mary and Oriana set up their first drop in at Archer Project ✨
This will be the first of a weekly substance use, alcohol and housing drop in at the archer project
the archer project provide hot meals, showers, clothes and support to people who are street homeless
our role is to support women who are using sex as a means to survival, or engaging in transactional sex
we aim to support anyone who is involved in sex work however sometimes people feel like they need to hide this and won’t access our support. this is why we are expanding our outreach❤️
we bring along with us sti screening kits, condoms, pregnancy tests and can support with direct referrals into drug and alcohol treatment and housing
26th June 2023
Just going to leave some lovely feedback from our clients here ✨
Last week was a busy one with an overall 61 contacts between outreach van, outreach sessions at Archer Project and Newhall and our office ❤️
Let’s keep up the good work team
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