A new start for Jenny

9th February 2021

A new start for Jenny

When I found out I was pregnant, I was still working in ‘Sex Work’ via ‘AdultWork’. I was drinking up to a litre of spirits a day, smoking crack, and heroin, and I hardly ate unless it was to stop me being sick before I started smoking for the day.

I had been with SWWOP for four years but hadn’t been able to keep away from sex work and drugs. I didn’t really think that there was any other life left for me. I’d been what I was for a long time, on and off since 18… mostly on.

When I realised, I was having my daughter, I made myself change because I couldn’t let her be born and turn out like I had. And I couldn’t lose her because I knew from seeing it happen to women, I have worked with how that affects everyone involved.

With SWWOP’s help I started going to TWP sessions and Fitzwilliam. I stopped drinking and haven’t touched drink or drugs in a very long time- over two years, the longest time in fifteen years. SWWOP helped me get clothes and equipment for the baby and by going to drop in every week I was able to stay in touch with women I was friends with.

I couldn’t have done this without SWWOP. Eight years ago, I left London and came to Sheffield to get away from the pimp I was working for. Without SWWOP, I would certainly have gone back and would be dead by now. Now, my daughter is almost starting nursery, and I’m starting to think about getting a real job again. Life is better than I imagined it would ever be.