Client Case Studies

Here’s a case study from the last month to highlight our work done:

Laura (name changed) has been accessing SWWOP since 2015, but has never had a keyworker or engaged in anything apart from food, clothes and toiletries. I started offering low-level harm reduction advice when she accessed our needle exchange for some foil, and for a few months she would talk to me once every two weeks about her drug use. Over time, we started building a relationship and began to look at similar issues such as her housing, her mental health and her benefits. Eventually, she began to talk about feeling motivated to start on a methadone script; this was something that she hadn’t done since 2016 and so felt it was a huge step. Together we made an appointment, arranged for myself to collect her and I supported her through the appointment. She has now been on script for 2 months, secured a tenancy, has started to claim benefits and has reduced her sex work.

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